Andrea Lithgow

My hands are the center of my artistic spirit and represent the tactile vigor I bring to my work. A lifelong search for a way to meld my creative energy with a desire to make things began with my mom’s old treadle sewing machine at the age of five. This led to a childhood of crafting, sewing, building, and designing. These experiences built my appetite and appreciation for texture, color, lines, and patterns. In 2006, serendipity brought clay into my life, and I was immediately hooked on the endless possibilities inherent in such an impressionable medium. After securing all the necessary supplies, including my own kiln, I was off and running. I still enjoy sitting down late at night with my paper, pen, and scissors—as if I were still that little girl—and making new patterns for the multitude of ideas that come from a seemingly endless and mysterious source. The one-of-a-kind glazing effects that I’ve developed over time have become my signature look and are immediately recognizable.